Monday, May 3, 2010

Greek Life Success

There are many negative stereotypes about Greek life that say they are only partiers, don't contribute to the community and are very superficial. The truth is, these organizations have been around since 1776 and have bred very accomplished and successful people throughout history.

Locally at Syracuse University, the Kappa Kappa Gamma-Beta Tau Chapter resides at 743 Comstock Avenue. I am a member of this sorority and have learned that lots of incredible women have lived in that brick house. Their stories alone show how Greek life helped them become successful and overall shaped their lives.

"You look back and if someone says what did you get out of it, well it's my first learning of first learning of problem solving," says Robin Burns, class of 1974.
She was the CEO and President of Calvin Klein Cosmetics, Victoria's Secret Beauty and Estee Lauder. Burns says the stereotypes are wrong and they only reflect people being uninformed about the Greek system.

JoAnn Heffernan Heisen, a 1972 graduate agrees and says that Greek life shaped her and has stayed a very important aspect in her business world ever since she joined.

Although fraternities and sororities do their share of drinking and having fun throughout their college careers, as every college student does, the opportunities to become great are endless and people do not know that. Through networking, bonds, challenges, leadership positions and interaction with people, those who support the system say Greek life is an incredibly positive experience for those who choose "Go Greek."

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