Monday, May 3, 2010

Chiefs Anticipate the Arrival of Stephen Strasburg

Stephen Strasburg walked off the mound as a Harrisburg Senator for the last time. The first overall pick by the Nationals in last years draft started the season for AA Harrisburg, and after five starts has been promoted to AAA Syracuse. He will make his debut start on Friday.

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"Strasburg has everything," said Noah Coslov, a former reporter for who last year presented Strasburg with college baseball's Golden Spikes award, "He'll be a number one starter wherever he goes. There are no flaws in his game."

Chiefs General Manager John Simone envisioned Strasburg playing for the Chiefs since the Nationals drafted him into the organization last year. The team will certainly take advantage of the financial advantages that Strasburg brings. Simone said that the team accepted an offer from the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network to allow Chiefs games to be broadcasted in the Washington D.C. area. Chiefs fans have also been able to purchase Strasburg jerseys since the beginning of the year.

"There's a lot of interest in them," said souvenir shop employee Tom Bergamen, "They've been one of our top items. They're selling almost every day."

Jersey sales may indicate a strong interest level of Strasburg from the Chiefs fan base. Though major league caliber players have put on Chiefs uniforms in the past, Chiefs fans seldom get to see a player with the potential of Strasburg. The arrival of the phenom pitcher is sure to draw capacity crowds to Alliance Bank Stadium, but many regular attending Chiefs fans see it as just another day at the ballpark.

"You want to see a winner ," said Chiefs fan Sam Ruppy, "It seems like they've got a pretty good core this year and hopefully Strasburg will help add to their success."

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